Man stuck on child's swing for three hours calls police for help

A young man who was stuck in a child's swing could only get out with the assistance of the police and firefighters.


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UNITED KINGDOM — A grown man had to call the police and the fire department to rescue him after he got stuck in a playground swing, the BBC reported.

Apparently the 20-year-old had already been stuck on the swing for three hours at Landseer Park in Ipswich before authorities arrived at 7:50 a.m.

The police tried using the "shove and pull" method to release the swing. It didn't work as his bottom was too wide. The fire department was then called, and they arrived with a screwdriver.

The crew from the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service dismantled the swing to pieces and released the man.

They then put the swing back together so it could be "safely used by someone of the right size." the Sun reported.

The man said that he was "grateful but embarrassed."

The Ipswich East Police tweeted the pictures of the incident and reminded people to "always use age appropriate play equipment."
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