Man stands for 6 hours on flight while wife passes out on 3 seats

Twitter was not impressed.


NSFW    THE FRIENDLY SKIES — A photo of a man standing on a plane while his supposed wife or partner is passed out across three airplane seats has Twitter all twisted up.
A tweet shared last Thursday by life coach Courtney Lee Johnson from Indiana claims the unidentified gentleman stood in the aisle for a full six hours on a long-haul flight while the woman slept.
Johnson was obviously impressed, adding the caption "this guy stood up for the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love."
Cue the Twitter outrage in 3...2...1. Johnson's tweet went viral with over 15,000 likes, over 3,300 retweets and over 2,400 comments.
Many screamed fake news, questioning the genuineness of the image. Others debated whether or not the flight attendant would have allowed someone to chill in the aisle for an entire flight.
Some Twitter users felt it was worth their time to hammer the woman for being an all around bad human being.
One commenter hilariously pointed out how the man wasn't wearing a wedding ring, while another joked that the guy was standing the whole six hours planning his divorce.
What do you think folks? Is this love at first flight? Or are they on a crash course to splitsville?
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