Man stabs prostitute after being rejected


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A 20-year-old man surnamed Lin reportedly stabbed and pushed a prostitute down a bridge after she refused to have sex with him at a deserted temple. Lin, who lives in Ilan, knew the prostitute surnamed Wang through previous sexual encounters. Last November, Lin said he would pay Wang US$60 for one night at a hotel. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough money for the room, so he suggested that they do it in a deserted temple.

Wang refused because she thought it was creepy. The two started arguing and somehow Lin stabbed Wang twice with a knife. Wang then begged for her life. Lin then hit Wang several times in the head with a helmet. He then dragged her to the edge of a bridge.

Wang threatened to jump off the bridge. Lin then pushed her off the bridge and took her things. Wang pretended to be dead at first after falling off the bridge. After Lin left the scene, Wang went to look for help.

Lin was arrested shortly after but he claimed that the knife accidentally fell out of his pocket when he tried to get his cellphone. He emphasized that he had no intention of harming Wang and he denied all accusations against him.

Prosecutors are charging Lin with manslaughter and robbery. Lin faces seven years to life in prison.
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