Man stabbed in eye with knife calmly waits to see the doctor

A man who had a fruit knife sticking out of his eye socket was spotted calmly queueing at a hospital in Fujian, China.


NSFW    FUJIAN, CHINA — We’re not sure which is more disturbing: the fact that this man in China got stabbed in the eye, or the eerily calm way he went about getting medical help.

People’s Daily Online reports that the 30-year-old had gotten into an argument with his wife, who then apparently got so mad she brutally stuck a fruit knife into his eye.

Astonishingly, the man brought himself to the hospital in Fuzhou, and even waited in line, shocking onlookers with his bloody head wound.

X-rays later showed that the knife had missed his eyeball, arteries, and brain stem. It also didn’t penetrate the cranial cavity, so no serious damage was sustained. Had the blade been a couple of millimeters off though, the man would’ve been a dead duck.

Doctors only had to pull out the knife and patch the wound up, and the man was good to go.
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