Man slapped 52 times by girlfriend for not buying her a phone

Now that's called a loving relationship.


NSFW    DAZHOU, CHINA — A lovely couple decided to celebrate China's Valentine's Day on Monday with some good old public shaming.
According to The Cover, a man was lucky enough to get slapped across his face dozens of times by his awesome girlfriend because he didn't buy her a new smartphone.
Surveillance camera and cell phone footage from a street in Dazhou, Sichuan province shows Little Miss Sunshine going nuclear on her boyfriend, introducing the back of her hand to his face repeatedly while he just stands there obediently.
While the woman continued to rain down forehands and backhands, the po po finally showed up to take the two lovebirds away.
The boyfriend tried to tell the cops that he deserved it. The police said she normally pays for all the boyfriend's expenses.
Apparently she asked for a phone, which he failed to deliver on, so she did what any normal person would do.

In the end, the cops had better things to do and made the couple promise to keep the drama at home.
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