Man shot when wife's purse drops on floor in supermarket

It happened in Florida.


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LAND O' LAKES, FLORIDA — A man and wife had quite the shopping trip at a Publix supermarket in Florida after the hubby caught one in the leg from a gun in the purse of his better half.
According to the Tampa Bay Times, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office initially reported that the victim accidentally capped himself around 2 p.m. on Sunday.
Publix was then kind enough to set the record straight by providing video of the incident.
Apparently, 69-year-old Vernon Messier was in line checking out at the cash register when his wife Lillian's purse fell from the counter to the ground.
Vernon is then seen on candid camera flinching and falling over.
According to the Sheriff's Office, a hole was found in Lillian's purse afterward. Turns out the 67-year-old was packing a two-shot Derringer pistol in her bag that popped a round off.

Looks like Vernon took one for the team in the lower right shin and was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Turns out Lillian had a concealed carry permit. Maybe she should have told her husband.
Police said charges are not expected to be filed.
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