Man sets home on fire while trying to burn bees out of their hive

A Georgia homeowner came up with an ingenious plan to exterminate a beehive near the roof of his house. He succeeded in getting rid of the beehive, but his house was burned down too.


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FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA — A homeowner in Georgia probably thought he was smart while attempting to burn bees out of their hive last weekend, but he burned most of the house down as well.

In an attempt to get rid of the beehive he found near the roof of his house, the unnamed homeowner decided to poke the thing with a stick he had set aflame. As soon as the man began to execute his awesome plan, he accidentally set his roof on fire, Fayette County Fire Department told the Associated Press.

The flames quickly burned down the attic and majority of the structure.

Firefighters later arrived and put the fire out, and no injuries were reported. The homeowner probably learned it the hard way that he should call an exterminator the next time if a similar situation happens again.
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