Man's lung cancer turns out to be Playmobil toy he inhaled as a kid

A man's 'lung cancer tumor' was discovered to be a miniature Playmobil traffic cone, which had gotten stuck in his lung some 40 years earlier.


NSFW    PRESTON, UNITED KINGDOM — A UK man found out the hard way that the weird, dumb things you do as a kid do come back to haunt you.

The Guardian reports that the unnamed 47-year-old went to see a specialist after coughing and feeling sick for a year.

Doctors spotted a mass in his lung which they initially thought to be a tumor.
But when they went to biopsy the mass, they discovered it wasn't cancer, but a miniature toy cone.

When presented with the tiny specimen, the man realized it was his long-lost Playmobil traffic cone, which he claimed to have inhaled as a 7-year-old.

Doctors believe the boy's body adapted to the foreign object, and absorbed it into the lining of the lung, where it remained for the next four decades.

It's not uncommon for children to accidentally swallow or inhale small objects, but it is pretty darn strange to be feeling the symptoms so long after the actual deed.

Still, the old chap is pretty lucky. His cough has nearly cleared, he doesn't have the big C, and he's got his old Playmobil back. Definitely winning at life, at least for now.
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