Man's leg amputated in building demolition gone wrong in Bakersfield


NSFW    A 43-year-old man’s leg was partially amputated when flying metal from a building demolition in Bakersfield, California struck him in the leg. Several other spectators were injured by flying debris as well, at least one seriously.

PG&E had scheduled the demolition of an old steam power plant on Saturday morning. At around 6:00 a.m. spectators gathered outside a safety perimeter of 1,000 feet to watch the destruction. However, when the controlled explosions were detonated to bring the building down, shards of metal were ejected from the facility and hit onlookers. Nearby vehicles were hit as well.

Police recovered one piece of metal that was about half a foot long and weighed a few pounds from the scene. The fragment that struck the man in the leg was taken by another onlooker.

An official said it is unclear how PG&E determined the distance of the safety perimeter, and authorities are looking further into the incident.
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