Man's 140-pound belly tumor started with ingrown hair

Last week the Miami Hurricanes fan travelled 1,700 miles to Bakersfield, California for an operation to get the growth removed. And yeah, it’s not for the faint of heart.


NSFW    BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA — A Mississippi man is recovering in hospital this week after having a benign but terrifyingly huge tumor removed from his lower stomach.

According to, Roger Logan, 57, used to run an antiques store as well as manage his family farm. However, over the past several years, a massive benign tumor developed on his lower belly.

That tumor started out as an ingrown hair over a decade ago, and then it just grew like a damn beanstalk. According to reports, it weighed more than 140 lbs.

Last week, Logan travelled to Bakersfield Hospital in California for an operation to get it removed.

Logan was reportedly in a cheery mood following and before he heads home, he says he’s gonna grab one of those famously delicious Bakersfield tacos.
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