Man rescued mere feet from death by raging 50-foot waterfall

A hiker was dramatically rescued by helicopter after unsuccessfully trying to cross the Yuba River in Reno over the weekend. He was found on the edge of a raging 50-foot waterfall.


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RENO, NEVADA — A man was rescued via helicopter after unsuccessfully trying to cross the Yuba River on Saturday.

Kalani Tuiono, 25, was hiking around the river when he attempted to swim across it, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Unfortunately, he got caught in the undertow and was pulled into the rapids.

Tuiono said he was thrown around and lost his sense of direction as the turbulent water pulled him down. He was hit against the rocks several times as he was pulled along the river by the strong current.

Tuiono was able to grab onto a large rock about a mile down from where he attempted to cross.

Another hiker spotted Tuiono and called 911. The California Highway Patrol and the Truckee Fire Protection District sent out helicopters to rescue Tuiono.

Officials say he’s lucky to be alive. They said there have been more than two dozen drownings in the area just within the last month.
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