Man rams electric wire up his junk, wire gets knotted in his bladder

Doctors had to ram a laser up there to remove the wire.


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UTTAR PRADESH — An 18-year-old teenager went to the doctor complaining about pain and said he was having trouble taking a leak.
When questioned by the doctor, the teen didn't exactly come clean as to why he was in such agony, according to a report published in BMJ Case Reports.

It appears the problem was a long piece of electric wire shoved into a hole that should only be letting stuff out.

According to the doctors, the teen was playing his own tune by using the wire to clean out his own clarinet.
Unfortunately the good times came to an end after the wire became tangled up in his bladder.
Surgeons at first tried to yank the wire out, surprisingly that didn't work, so they had to go back in with a laser and blast the wire into pieces.
The operation was a success and the teen was discharged from the hospital 24 hours later.
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