Man punches firefighters for taking too long to put out car fire

What an ingrate.


NSFW    ST. LOUIS — A man whose car was on fire went after two firefighters for being too slow to rescue his car.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, police got a call around 5:50 p.m. on November 15 that a car had caught on fire after crashing into another vehicle.

KMOV reports that firefighters arrived and began trying to put out the fire. But the owner of the burning car was impatient and thought they were doing it way too slowly, so what does he do? He starts punching two of them, because sure, that'll get 'em to do it MUCH faster.

Video taken by a witness shows the man being held down on the ground by firefighters. When he's let go, he lunges at them.

He then tries to throw a punch at one of the firefighters, who deftly ducks, and tackles the dude to the ground.

The man was taken into custody, but firefighters have said they didn't want him charged, and would like instead to see him get the help he needs.

That's gonna be a whole lotta counseling and anger management classes, but guy still lucked out with these good guys.
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