Man poses for selfie in front of train accident victim

A man throws out his moral compass in a bid to take a selfie with a train accident victim.


NSFW    ITALY — In a case sparking controversy in Italy and beyond, a man was photographed taking a selfie with a victim of a train accident.

A young Canadian woman was hit by a train in Northern Italy on May 26, the BBC reports. Rescue workers arrived at Piacenza station soon after to help the victim. It is unclear how the woman came to be in the path of the train in the first place.

Meanwhile, a man wearing white bermuda shorts was spotted at the scene with the victim and the rescue team in the background, all the while posing with a "V for Victory sign" and taking a picture with his other hand.

Commenting on the situation, Antonella Boralevi, an Italian writer, said that the man had turned off his soul and has become an "automation of the internet."

The picture has been posted across various Italian publications with most responding in a negative manner, the BBC reports.

Local journalist Giorgio Lambri commented "we have completely lost our sense of ethics," referring to the man's lack of moral compass.

Lambri photographed the man taking a selfie, captioning it: "The barbarism you don't expect: the 'selfie' in front of a tragedy."

Other comments ranged from calling selfies a "cancer that corrodes the internet" to one Twitter user saying "Nothing surprises me anymore."
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