Man poos himself in supermarket, fails horribly trying to hide it

Thankfully, the entire crappy incident was captured by CCTV cameras.


NSFW    KARASU, TURKEY — A shopper in Turkey was caught on camera soiling himself in the middle of the supermarket and then failing horribly attempting to cover his tracks.
According to the Sun, the footage starts with the man doing some shopping when he realizes the kids need to be dropped off immediately at the pool.

CCTV footage then shows the man duck behind some shelves in LOO of an actual bathroom.
According to LadBible, the man then slowly penguin waddles over to the checkout, trying to play it off like nothing happened.

Everything was going according to plan—when unfortunately for the man—one of the deuces makes a not so clean break onto the supermarket floor.
After putting his items down at the register, another little dookie makes a break for it down his leg.
The guy then tries to use his Crocs to kick the stool under an ice cream freezer. Let's just say that didn't go so well.
This is when the supermarket cashier walks up to the register and starts to smell something fishy—well maybe it wasn't fish.
The man nonchalantly pays for his things and then just leaves, making a not-so-clean getaway.
According to the Sun, it's unclear if the supermarket is investigating into the incident.
Ice cream licker on the loose!

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