Man now has serious organ failure after selling kidney for iPhone

And all for an iPhone 4.


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CHENZHOU, CHINA — An intelligent Chinese man has been experiencing serious organ failure ever since he sold one of his kidneys for an iPhone 4 when he was a teenager.
According to Next Shark, local news in China identified the genius as Xiao Wang, who was 17 years old back in 2011, when Apple's latest phone was the iPhone 4.
Apparently, Wang's family was broke and didn't have the money for fancy, overpriced phone, which at the time ran between $600-$700 bucks.
Wang then found a shady middleman to help him sell his kidney on the black market. After the arrangements were made, Wang met with an underground doctor and gave away one of his kidneys just like that.
And what was Wang's big compensation? A measly $3,202 bones for a vital organ.
Strangely, Wang almost immediately developed complications after his operation wound became infected. He eventually suffered complete kidney failure—that's odd.

Wang's family has since had to shell out $320,284 for medical costs and treatment.
He now gets to enjoy his days in bed and is constantly on dialysis. Yeah, but the real question is—does he still have that iPhone 4?
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