Man mistaken for Bigfoot gets bombarded with gunfire

Poor guy didn't even get an apology.


NSFW    HELENA, MONTANA — A man who was out target shooting on Montana public land unwittingly became a target himself, after he got mistaken for a big, hairy, mythical beast.

According to the Helena Independent Record, the 27-year-old told cops that he had been setting up targets when bullets started flying at him.

He saw one bullet hit 3 feet to his left and another zoom past on his right, before he ran for cover as more shots blasted at him.

Once the gunfire died down, he confronted the shooter, who merely claimed, 'I thought you were Bigfoot' and advised him to wear orange next time. Wow, not even a sorry for almost killing a dude.

The hunter then explained that while he doesn't do target practice, he will shoot at anything that looks like Bigfoot. Well, that's not problematic or anything.

While the victim doesn't want to press charges, deputies are concerned about the Bigfoot hunter's trigger-happy tendencies, and are now looking for him.

So far, they know the suspect drives a black F-150. And after the story was published in the local paper, a woman with a similar experience came forward to give a description of the man, according to the Idaho Statesman. That's a start, at least.

According to the cops, the hunter may not be a danger to the public, but if reports are true, he could be looking at attempted negligent homicide charges.
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