Man misses his flight, decides to chase plane down tarmac

Give him an "A" for effort and an "F" for being on time.


NSFW    You Idiot!

DUBLIN, IRELAND — Irish po po busted a man at the Dublin airport on Thursday for breaking onto the tarmac and trying to chase down a plane after missing his flight.
According to the BBC, 23-year-old Patrick Kehoe and a woman missed a Ryanair flight to Amsterdam.
According to a statement from an airport spokesman, "they were engaging with Ryanair staff at the gate and the male passenger was becoming agitated," BBC reported.

Kehoe then started banging on the window to try to get the aircraft to wait — hold up — that didn't work?
That's when Kehoe took matters into his own hands by breaking through a locked door and rushing onto the tarmac — with his suitcase under his arm — so he could chase the plane down himself.
Everything was going according to plan until Ryanair workers stepped in and retrained Kehoe. Airport police showed up after that and introduced Kehoe to some pavement and handcuffs.

Kehoe was charged with criminal damage to a door lock and granted bail. He was released on his own bond and is scheduled to appear in court again on November 8.
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