Man loses arm to crocodile, then gets fined for trespassing

After rescuing his dogs from crocodiles and losing his arm, an engineer in India is now facing a penalty for entering a restricted forest area without permission.


NSFW    BENGALURU, INDIA — An Indian engineer is learning the hard way that even after you have been mauled by crocodiles trying to rescue your pet, the government will still come after you for a payout.

Mudit Dandwate, 26, was visiting visiting a temple in a forest area called Ramanagaram in Bangalore with a friend and his two dogs Sunday morning, the Times of India reported.

When the dogs decided to jump off into a lake. Dandwate followed them into the water, trying to get to them out. But as soon as he entered the lake, a crocodile surfaced, clamping down on his left arm and ripping the limb off from below the elbow.

Forest department officials rescued Dandwate, and he was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Luckily, Dandwate survived the attack, at the cost of losing his left arm, and is expected to be fitted with a prosthetic limb. The dogs are also apparently okay.

However, despite all Dandwate has been through, forest officials say he will be fined for entering a restricted area that had warning signs about crocodiles displayed.
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