Man livestreams his own police chase on Facebook

While on the run from a couple of police cars, Texan Erasmo Hernandez took to Facebook to broadcast the proceedings for his friends and followers.


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PASADENA, TEXAS — People will put anything and everything on social media, even things they probably shouldn’t.

Take Erasmo Hernandez, 35, who had cops hot on his tail, and who chose to livestream the chase instead of focusing on making a clean getaway.

KPRC reports that police showed up at Hernandez’s Pasadena, Texas home to serve him a narcotics search warrant, but quickly discovered he wasn’t going to stick around for any of that.

He promptly fled the scene, and led the cops on a 30-minute chase to southeast Houston, all while he livestreamed his joyride to Facebook friends and followers.

Alas, all illegal things must come to an end, and it wasn’t long before a flat tire quite literally stopped Hernandez in his tracks.

He’s currently facing felony charges of being in possession of a weapon and evading arrest, and the cops say his Facebook live video could be used against him in court.
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