Man lies to wife, uses life savings to see soccer game in Russia

To support his beloved national team, Arturo Garcia lied to his wife and said he was going to the store for cigarettes. Instead, he travelled to Russia to watch his favorite Mexican national soccer team to play in the Confederations Cup.


NSFW    KAZAN, RUSSIA — An Mexican soccer fan took the term “hardcore fan” to a whole new level when he lied to his wife about going to the store, then actually flew to Russia instead in order to support his favorite Mexican soccer team.

Aching to show his support for his beloved Team Mexico at the Confederations cup in Russia, Puebla resident Arturo Garcia told his wife he was going to the store for cigarettes, Russia’s PDA Sports reported.

However, Garcia then hopped on a plane from Monterrey to Germany, then drove to Russia to see Mexico’s first match against Portugal. He apparently spent his life savings on the trip and injured his Achilles heel before the last leg of his journey to Russia, but for Garcia, this did not stop him from making to the match.

As the Confederations cup comes to an end, Mexico has unfortunately lost to Portugal as Cristiano Ronaldo and his fellow Portuguese bounced back to secure the dramatic consolation win.

The big question though, is whether Garcia’s wife will ever forgive her husband?
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