Man lets girlfriend have sex with other men but he must stay faithful

Adam Gillet, 27, proposed an open relationship in order to hang onto his girlfriend after she tried to break up with him due to her unwillingness to stay monogamous. The catch? Only she’s allowed a bit on the side.


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MILTON KEYNES, ENGLAND — A British couple is the talk of the internet this week after sharing the intimate details of their take on an open relationship with the world.

Adam Gillet and Beatrice Gibbs first met at a friend’s party in Oxford back in 2014, and started dating a few weeks later. After about a month together, Beatrice started getting the urge to sleep with other men, and told Adam they would have to break up because it was too hard to resist temptation.

Heartbroken and willing to do anything to hang on to his mate, Adam proposed a special arrangement: Beatrice could sleep with other men, so long as it’s purely a physical exchange, and he’s informed of who she’s having sex with. Adam, however, isn’t allowed to have sex with other women, because Beatrice says she couldn’t handle it. Adam claims he’s not interested in pursuing other women anyways, as he’s only got eyes for Beatrice.

Since the arrangement began, Beatrice says she’s lost count of how many men she’s made out with, but has only had sex with five guys, and three of them were one night stands. Adam admits the thought of her being with other men does bother him sometimes, but he’s learned to silently cope with his feelings.
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