Man killed by own circular saw in horrifying accident

A 52-year-old man in Thailand found out too late that a makeshift ladder and a power saw can be a deadly combination.


NSFW    SAMUT PRAKAN, THAILAND — A 52-year-old man in Thailand met a grisly end last month when a home fix-it job with a power saw went badly wrong.

The deceased, identified in reports only as Sumut, had planned to scale some scaffolding to solve a termite problem on Feb. 28.

Unfortunately, he did not take proper precautions and used a makeshift ladder, with the tool powered-on.

As he was getting to work, he slipped and lost control of the circular saw.

The blade’s steel teeth tore into his neck and chest.

His injuries were severe, and probably not survivable even if he had been treated immediately.

The deep lacerations to Samut’s neck and chest resulted in heavy loss of blood, and he died at the accident scene.
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