Man jacks $500 of shrimp by shoving it in his pants

Police are on the hunt for the "Shrimp Bandit."


NSFW    RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA — California cops are looking for a small-time crook who apparently is really into frozen shrimp.
You could say he thinks they're SHRIMPRY the best.
According to KTLA, police are on the hunt for a man who jammed 30 bags of shrimp down his pants and lifted them from a Riverside grocery store.
Riverside police said in a press release that the "Shrimp Bandit" stuffed the frozen shellfish down his trousers in the frozen-food section of a Vons supermarket.
The incident occurred around 12:30 p.m. on Dec. 4.
Investigators say the super shrimp fan had to make three separate trips over 15 minutes with his trousers packed full of frozen goodies to complete the heist.
KTLA reports that the man was caught on surveillance camera leaving the store.

Police say he is a white dude in his 50s, about 5-foot-10 and between 150 and 180 pounds, plus or minus the 30 bags of shrimp on his person.
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