Man has over 700 tapeworms from eating undercooked meat in China

Doctors discovered the worms after the man began suffering headaches and seizures.


NSFW    HANGZHOU, CHINA — A Chinese man who had been suffering from headaches and seizures was found to have a whopping 700 plus tapeworms taking up residence throughout his body.
According to Pear Video, 43-year-old Zhu Zhong-fa from Hangzhou in Zhejiang province started feeling a bit funky about a month ago.
Looks like he had eaten some hotpot with a few too many slices of infected and
undercooked pork—YUMMY.
Zhu got himself over to a hospital at Zhejiang University where he was found to have a colony of around 700 tapeworms all over his body.

According to doctors, the little suckers were found in Zhu's brain, lungs and chest cavity.
Doctors say the worms had already caused damage to the patient's organs.
According to the WHO, when tapeworms get into the central nervous system, they can cause neurological symptoms, including epileptic seizures.
Well, that's good to know. Hopefully your appetite has kicked in by now. Hotpot anyone?
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