Man forced to give up favorite lunch spot due Tonawanda busybodies

Some nosy neighbors in Western New York forced 36-year-old John Pawlowski away from his favoured weekly lunch spot.


NSFW    TONAWANDA, NEW YORK — A man in Western New York is bidding farewell to his favored weekly lunch spot after some nosy neighbors called the cops on him.

John Pawlowski, aged 36, usually lunches in a nice spot on a street under the shade of a tree. He says he always buys his sandwiches from Tailgate Deli on Delaware Road. Then he heads north and turns right on Zimmerman before stopping in front of a house to eat his sandwich, local media Buffalo News reported.

Pawlowski had been doing this routinely for a around a year, during which time an elderly couple had apparently been keeping track of Pawlowski and his weekly lunch ritual.

A month ago, the couple decided to follow Pawlowski back to his office parking lot to confront him. They claimed to to have been spying on him for over a year, and did not believe he was only eating a sandwich.

However, Barbara Tucker — the owner of the house Pawlowski liked to stop in front of — said she had no knowledge of his weekly lunch visits, and isn’t bothered if he’s out there eating his sandwich. Tucker added that she personally likes to sit in the cemetery to have lunch, as “nobody bothers you in the cemetery”.

As for Pawlowski, he explained that he’ll visit his favorite lunch spot once more before finding a new place to eat his sandwiches.
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