Man fires gun at national park over Bigfoot sighting

Shots were fired at a campsite in Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park after a man claimed he saw Bigfoot.


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MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK, KENTUCKY — A Kentucky couple had a doozy of a camping trip after crossing paths with a man who claimed he saw a sasquatch...and then tried to shoot it.

CNN reports that while camping in Mammoth Cave National Park, Brad Ginn and Madelyn Durand were awakened in the middle of the night by strange noises and a light being shined into their tent.

Outside, a man with a young son told them something had destroyed his campsite. He showed them his gun, warning that they were in "Bigfoot country" and to run if they heard shots.

The father and son soon walked away, and the couple went back into their tent.

10 minutes later, sasquatch hunter was back. Ginn and Durand heard him yell "I see it!" and watched as he shot into the darkness some 20 yards from the side of their tent.

He later claimed Bigfoot had emerged from the bush and was coming at him, but when the couple shined a flashlight on said bush, there was nothing there.

The two were understandably freaked at the gunfire — the non-existent sasquatch, not so much — so they called 911 and hiked the five miles back to their car.

Park rangers are currently investigating the incident, but did confirm no one was hurt.

Bigfoot is commonly associated with the Pacific Northwest, but loads of people have claimed to have seen the hairy beast all around 'Murica.

Still, there's no legit proof that the big boi actually exists. "Bigfoot hairs" analyzed by the FBI in the 70s turned out to be from deer.
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