Man fined for driving with a car filled to the brim with trash

Police said the trash completely blocked the driver's view of the side and rear windows


NSFW    UPPER MOUNT GRAVATT, AUSTRALIA — A man in Australia was pulled for driving with a car that was so full of trash he couldn't see where he was going.

The driver was going about his day in Upper Mount Gravatt when the cops pulled him over on August 17.

As the officers approached the car, they were shocked to see it filled to the brim with junk. The garbage completely blocked the driver's view of the side and rear windows, according to a statement by the Queensland Police.

The cops immediately issued the man a fine of AUS$311, which is around US$210.

Officers also politely reminded the man when trash collection day is in their city.

Commentators praised the police with one saying, "It's the police officers' job to enforce the road rules. Inform the person what they've done wrong and issue the penalty."

He added, "The police here did their job."

However, some online commentators felt that the police should've done more than just issue a fine.

One woman said in a comment on Facebook, "I don't think a fine was the way to go here. The danger is immediate. The car should not be driven until the rubbish is cleared."
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