Man fatally shot by police during Facebook livestream

A man was fatally shot by Crockett County, Tennessee deputies at the wheel of his car last week.


NSFW    ALAMO, TENNESSEE — Texas father-of-one Rodney Hess was killed by Tennessee police in an incident that was recorded on Facebook Live.

Hess was visiting family in Tennessee last Thursday when he parked sideways across a busy exit near Alamo, reported Memphis newspaper The Commercial Appeal.

His fiancee says that Hess suffered from bipolar disorder and he likely became lost, reported The Jackson Sun newspaper. Crockett County sheriff's deputies, unaware of his condition, were alerted to his presence on the road, and things soon escalated.

All of which was recorded on footage that Hess was livestreaming to Facebook.

Officers claim Rodney tried to hit them twice. At one point, an officer opened fire on Hess, with the shot going through his windshield, reported CNN, citing police.

Hess can be heard screaming in pain in the video, and was reportedly taken to hospital via airlift, but later died.

Hess had posted other clips before showing him at the side of the road and in his vehicle.

Details of what exactly went down prior to the shooting are still unclear, but the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says it is looking into the incident.
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