Man drops phone in bus coin box trying to make mobile payment

Unfortunately, that's now how to make mobile payments.


NSFW    You Idiot!

GUANGZHOU, CHINA — China likes to brag a lot about how it's becoming so cashless with mobile payments dominating many transactions in the country.
However, it looks as if not everyone is quite ON BOARD yet with using your phone to pay for things.

Case in point—this guy from Guangzhou.
In video posted to Twitter knockoff Weibo, the man is seen getting on the bus, only problem is, he's not really sure where to scan his phone to pay for his ride.
The bus driver points to the phone scanner, but for some reason the man thinks he's pointing at the coin drop box.
So what does the man do? He just drops his entire phone into the coin box.

That's one way to make a mobile payment, unfortunately not the correct one.
And because the bus driver couldn't open the coin box by himself, the man had to wait until the end of the work day to retrieve his precious phone.
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