Man dies from drinking too much Coca-Cola


NSFW    Freak deaths: Paul Inman, 30, a British man diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, died from drinking as much as three liters of Coca-Cola a day, which led to pulmonary edema, according to an official police inquiry.

Inman lived at a the Three Sisters Care Home in Haworth. Caretakers there said Inman also suffered from epilepsy, and his compulsions meant he never stopped moving and pacing, which meant he could go through two pairs of shoes a week. Care workers also had to take Inman’s cigarettes, for fear that he would smoke 20 an hour.

Inman reportedly would leave the care home every day to go outside and buy Coca-Cola, often drinking it alongside large amounts of water. He could drink up to three liters a day.

A care worker, Becky Earwaker, found Inman dead one day, face down on his bed, with his glasses folded neatly by his side. Inman usually locked his door, but for some reason hadn’t that day.

Doctors who performed Inman’s autopsy said due to his habit of drinking large amounts of Coke and water, his lungs had swollen to four times their natural weight, most likely causing pulmonary edema, which would restrict his ability to breathe. The volume of fluids in his body also caused low sodium levels, which would affect his muscles, bones and result in heart rhythm abnormalities.

According to Inman’s mother, his Asperger’s was the reason for his excessive drinking, which he had done since he was a child.
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