Man dies after getting head stuck in expensive reclining movie seat

A man who got his head stuck in a movie seat in the U.K. has died of a heart attack.


NSFW    BIRMINGHAM — A UK man passed away from a heart attack after getting stuck in a movie theater seat.

A man and his partner were watching a movie at the Vue Cinema in Birmingham, England. The two paid more to sit in ‘Gold Class’ where the seats recline.

At some point during the flick, the man dropped his cellphone on the ground.

When he went to go pick it up, an electronic footrest came down on his head and trapped him underneath.

His partner and staff struggled to get him free. The leg-rest eventually broke and he was able to get out. Unfortunately the guy had a heart attack and passed away a week later.

The movie theater said they are conducting an investigation into the freak accident.
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