Man cuts girlfriend into pieces, hides the body in the refrigerator


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A man who tried to commit suicide has confessed to dismembering his partner and putting her body in a refrigerator in the Spanish city of Zaragoza.

According to local reports, Vicente Sada Gómez allegedly killed the woman and cut off her legs before putting her body in a freezer. He then left Zaragoza and spent few days in a hotel in Suances.

Sada Gomez had with him a suitcase containing women’s clothes, some stomach pills and rat poison that were found later by police. According to reports, at the hotel he tried to commit suicide, leaving a note next to his suitcase saying: “My dead girlfriend is at No. 30 Leopoldo Romero Street, Zaragoza.” He then went to the hotel’s reception where he collapsed on the floor while talking to hotel personnel.

Police had found a severed leg in Pina de Ebro a few weeks earlier. An investigation is underway to understand whether it is related to the case.
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