Man beaten to a bloody pulp after offering to help pay meal tab

Joseph Molohon offered to spot cash to a couple of diners at a Brooklyn fast food restaurant, and received a brutal beating for his kind gesture.


NSFW    NEW YORK CITY — A disabled man was pummeled by a gang of Brooklyn brutes at a New York fast food joint, just because he was trying to be a nice guy.

The New York Daily News reports that 37-year-old Joseph Molohon, who suffers from HIV, had been eating at a Texas Chicken and Burgers on March 1 when he overheard two men say they were a few dollars short. Having just received his Social Security money, Molohon wanted to be nice, and offered to help pay for their meal.

But instead of a thank you, the pair turned on him. One of the men picked up his cane and beat him with it, before then brutally assaulting him.

Two more men joined in on the attack, dragging the victim to the floor and dealing several hard kicks and punches.

As if that wasn’t horrendous enough, a fifth man tried to rob Molohon once the others had fled. Luckily, he had been laying on his wallet, so the thief only made off with some change.

Molohon sustained fractures, cuts, bruises, and had to be taken to the hospital. He’s now afraid to even leave his apartment since his attackers are still on the loose.
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