Man barred from flying by BA for excessive layers of clothing

A British man faced with an additional baggage fee in Iceland decided to get creative with his clothing.


NSFW    KEFLAVIK, ICELAND — A British man trying to get from Iceland back to England was arrested for trying to board a British Airways plane while wearing a ton of clothing.

Ryan "Hawaii" Williams was at the BA counter trying to get out of paying an additional bag fee, so he did what anyone would do when confronted by a douchey airline — he put everything on.

By everything, we mean all the clothes that wouldn't fit in his checked luggage. That's 10 shirts and eight pairs of pants.

And how was Hawaii rewarded for his ingenuity and out-of-the-luggage thinking? BA denied him a seat and called the cops on him.

Then things really got hopping after po po maced Ryan and introduced him to the ground after he refused to leave.

Hawaii tried the next day with EasyJet, which turned out to be not that easy. Ryan finally made it back on a Norwegian airline. BA and EasyJet have reportedly refunded Hawaii.
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