Man abandoned in jail and forced to drink urine wins $4m payout


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Falsely imprisoned and forced to drink own urine: A San Diego economics student has received a $4.1m compensation payout after being abandoned in a jail cell for days, forcing him to drink his own urine to survive. What was meant to be fun night at a friend’s house party turned into a four-day nightmare for Daniel Chong, although he was never even formally arrested.

On April 21 last year DEA agents conducted a drug raid during the party and detained several people.

An officer told Chong he would not be charged and said, according to Chong, “hold tight, we’ll come get you in a minute.”

But no-one came. Increasingly anxious, he screamed for guards’ attention and tried to set of a fire sprinkler.

Dehydrated and desperate, he urinated on his cell’s metal bench and drank what he could.

Days into his torment and in darkness he began hallucinating, believing he was being gassed to death. He broke his glasses and used a shard to being scratching a final message to his mom before officers realized their mistake.

He spent five days in hospital recovering from dehydration, kidney failure and a perforated oesophagus. He was also diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

The DEA has apologized but no-one will be prosecuted as no malicious intent was found.
Today's Angels ,Thursday, August 1st, 2013

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