Malaysia airlines flight MH370: Captain Shah made mystery phone call before take off

The Captain of missing Malaysia flight MH370 made a mystery phone call in cockpit just minutes before take off from Kuala Lumpur. Who did he call?


NSFW    The investigation into Malaysia airlines missing plane flight MH370 is now focusing on captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and a mystery phone call he made just prior to takeoff from Kuala Lumpur.

According to the latest report from British newspaper “The Sun”, investigators looking into the mysterious disappearance of the flight are now focusing on a new lead. They are trying to find out who Captain Shah spoke to in the cockpit minutes before the plane took left Kuala Lumpur.

This mysterious phone call is now coming under scrutiny as it might be related to the reason the plane went missing. But Malaysian authorities have so far refused to comment.

Another clue the investigators are looking into is a large amount of flying history data that was deleted from Capt Shah’s home flight simulator on February 3rd.

The FBI is now also reportedly assisting restore the flight history files to see whether they can find anything in the hope of piecing together what may have happened on the plane.

Now the two main directions of the investigation are focusing on the Captain, even though the authorities still consider Shah innocent until proven guilty.

Shah was a known advocate of the Malaysian opposition party, and reportedly attended the trial of party leader Anwar Ibrahim in the hours just before the flight.

The leader of Malaysia’s opposite party Anwar Ibrahim has criticized the slow progress of the investigation. Anwar has also condemned the media for highlighting the family relationship between him and Captain Shah, saying the media is just trying to blur the focus.

Anwar has also pointed out that Captain Shah was not even supposed to captain flight MH370, and that he was assigned to it at the very last minute.
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