Makeshift hot air balloon explodes 10,000 feet up in China killing two

A mother and daughter were sadly killed in the accident.


NSFW    YANTAI, CHINA — A hot air balloon ride in China unfortunately went south real fast in the Shandong province city of Yantai last week.
According to TVBS, the incident took place last Tuesday and has since gone viral over several Chinese social media platforms.
Footage shows a highly questionable makeshift hot air balloon made of nothing but some puny little poles, a bit of rope and two seats instead of an actual basket.
Just looking at the contraption should have sent the Oh-Hell-No warning signals to potential riders.
Clips show a woman and her daughter actually choose to take a ride on the jerry-rigged balloon.
According to Outdoor Troop, hot air balloons are normally only supposed to fly between 1,000 and 3,000 feet.
But for some reason, the balloon carrying the two soared to a dizzying height of 10,000 feet before it suddenly burst.
The two passengers sadly did not make it, and were found later on the ground.
According to Chinese authorities, the balloon ride was illegal and had not been registered. The ride has now been shut down and the operators are now looking at criminal charges.
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