Major mobile networks suspend Huawei smartphone orders

Carriers in the US, Japan and the UK have decided to adhere to America's Huawei ban on US software.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Mobile networks around the globe have suspended orders of Huawei smartphones after US president Donald Trump added the Chinese company to an export blacklist, CNN reports.

The Chinese company is no longer allowed to use Google's Android system in its new devices. As a result, Huawei users won't be able to access apps that depend on Google, such as Gmail, Youtube and Google Maps.

According to CNN, the US Commerce Department has issued a temporary reprieve to allow Google's Android system to service existing Huawei smartphones for the next 90 days.

According to The Verge, major carriers in the UK such as Vodafone and EE have also suspended orders of Huawei devices.

The Verge cites Marc Allera, CEO of the BT Group which owns EE, as saying that the company wouldn't launch new Huawei smartphones until it is able to assure its clients of the phone's usability in the distant future.

Japanese mobile operator KDDI and Y! Mobile have both said they will bring a halt to the launch of Huawei's newest smartphones, according to the Associated Press.
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