Mailman busted for sex acts with stranger's dog along mail route

Upon reviewing security camera footage from his garage, the homeowner found that once the postman had dropped off the packages, he’d then begin engaging in sexual acts with his dog.


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POLK COUNTY, MINNESOTA — The long-standing relationship between our pet dogs and the mailman is typically a fun one, until someone comes along and screws the pooch.

Brian Chapman, 21, is a neighborhood postman just outside Crookston, Minnesota. Along his route, he has one favorite house to deliver mail to. At this particular house, Chapman prefers to leave packages in the garage, and then spend some quality time there with the homeowner’s dog.

The homeowner get notifications on his phone when someone walks onto his property, and based on the time of day, he knows it’s the mailman. Chapman’s delivery visits tend to last longer than normal. Curious as to why, the homeowner reviewed his security camera recordings, only to find the postman engaging in sexual acts with his dog.

On February 6, the homeowner identified in police reports as T.A.L., reported his findings to police, who’ve since charged Chapman with second-degree burglary, a felony, and bestiality, a misdemeanor.

Interestingly enough, on March 17, 2013, Chapman wrote a student piece for the local newspaper, The Crookston Times, entitled “How animals play a part in our lives.”
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