Madagascar is in the middle of plague outbreak

Over 30 people have died along with hundreds of confirmed cases of plague in Madagascar.


NSFW    MADAGASCAR — Madagascar is currently experiencing an outbreak of the plague with 231 confirmed cases, and at least 33 deaths as of October 6, according to the World Health Organization.

The country usually sees about 400 cases per year, but this outbreak has officials concerned because it has spread to the capital and coastal cities for the first time, Vox reported.

This year a large number of the cases are pneumonic plague, which targets the lungs and is passed on by coughing, according to the BBC.

It is the most deadly form of the disease and can cause death within 24 hours.

The WHO has delivered more than a million doses of antibiotics to help combat the spread of the disease, according to BBC.

Two regions on the island nation have been hit particularly hard, eastern Madagascar and the center of the island in Antananarivo.

Public gatherings have been banned in response to the outbreak. Officials have also put in place screening protocols at the country's main airport.
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