Lying about Wuhan virus will kill your social credit score

Concealing symptoms or visiting Hubei province can get you blacklisted.


NSFW    CHINA — With all the things Chinese people are worrying about with the you-know-what—that's now being called you-know-whatever-19—destroying your social credit score is now another one.
According to state-run Xinhua, a bunch of Chinese provinces and cities are tossing people on the social credit blacklist for lying about symptoms and sneaking out of quarantine.
If you're lucky enough to live in Anhui, Jiangsu or Jilin provinces, or the cities of Shanghai, Chongqing and Hangzhou, officials there have also approved guidelines to punish those concealing travel history to key hit regions or history of contact with confirmed or suspected patients.
Apparently if you're caught, not only will you have to deal with Chinese legal consequences, but you'll also be blacklisted on the local credit information platform.
On February 12, Hangzhou did just that to nine completely appreciative residents for one year.

Those nine people also got the privilege of being publicly shamed online with their full names and part of their ID card numbers posted, along with a full list of all the trouble they'll soon be in.
Some Chinese have been forced to think outside of the seat like one woman who was caught at a Shanghai highway checkpoint hiding in the trunk of a car, so she could dodge quarantine. Let's just say she was unsuccessful.
Maybe it's time for China to build a really big and really long wall to keep everyone from moving around—oh wait.
Wuhan virus misinformation as epidemic continues to grow

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