Luke Perry buried in eco-friendly mushroom suit

Wanna have an eco-friendly burial like Luke Perry?


NSFW    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA — Luke Perry's daughter Sophie recently revealed on Instagram that her late father chose an alternative form of internment, in the form of a biodegradable a mushroom suit.

According to the BBC, human bodies contain toxic pollutants such as lead and mercury that are released into the environment during decomposition and cremation.

The mushroom suit, or infinity burial suit, developed by Jae Rhim Lee of green burial company Coeio claims to neutralize these pollutants.

The suit, made of organic cotton, contains biomix made from mushrooms and other microorganisms that aids decomposition, cleans toxins in the body and soil, and delivers nutrients to plants.

According to the Coeio website, mushrooms break down material by emitting enzymes, and are able to eliminate both organic toxins and heavy metals in the environment through a process called mycoremediation.

Coeio's suit requires no special preparations. The body is simply dressed in it, and then buried at an optimal depth of 4 feet, with or without a casket.

The mushroom suit costs $1,500, which the company says is far less than traditional burial options that can run up to $6,000. Coeio also has a version of the suit for pets.
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