Loyal dog waits nearly 3 months for dead owner to return

The dog has been standing guard at a railing in the middle of a road in Inner Mongolia, China.


NSFW    CHINA — A video of a dog waiting patiently for his deceased owner to return has gone viral in China.

Apparently, the devoted dog had been waiting for 80 days for his owner to return, standing guard at a railing in the middle of a road in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. The dog's owner passed away in a car accident on that same road in August of this year, the Straits Times reports.

The story has touched hearts all across China and according to reports from BBC, locals have been giving the canine little bits of food. The dog has been compared to Hachiko, a Japanese dog who waited 9 years for his owner to return in the 1920s — despite his master's passing.

Volunteers will seek a new home for the dog if they can't reach the family of the dog's owner, according to reports from Chinese media.
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