Loyal dog guards dying friend on busy street in China

A stray dog in China was closely protecting his dog friend after it was hit by a passing vehicle.


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GUIZHOU, CHINA — A video of a loyal dog looking after his dying friend has touched the hearts of many across China.

A stray dog was seen guarding and trying to nurse his friend after it was hit by a passing vehicle, as reported by the Beijing News.

The video shows the stray dog licking his friend's feet and face and trying to get the attention of others by making sounds.

The owner of the white dog said the two dogs were good friends and often played with one another.

Eventually, passerbys moved the white dog over to a flower bed by the side of the road where the stray dog continued to take care of his friend. Unfortunately the white dog didn't make it and was buried soon after.

Commentators in China were quick to share their feelings with one saying, "Pay more attention when you're driving, don't injure dogs!"

Another made a statement to the driver who hit the poor dog saying that: "How can you eat and sleep after what you have done?" This commentator also warned the driver saying that the deceased dog may seek revenge.

A couple of other commentators made a note of the stray dog's loyalty and devotion to his friend.
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