Louisiana town crop-dusted with 100 gallons of holy water

A crop-duster plane sprayed a whole lotta holy water on Cow Island, Louisiana.


NSFW    COW ISLAND, LOUISIANA — Hashtag blessed just took on a whole 'nother meaning.

NPR reports that after church on the Saturday before Christmas, Catholic residents of Cow Island, Louisiana got over a hundred gallons of water blessed by their parish priest.

He didn't do it at church though, but at an airstrip, where the newly holy H2O can go straight into a crop dusting plane and bless absolutely everyone – whether you like it or not.

Word of the mass blessing got out fast enough that families who sauntered out of their houses got a big dose of holy from the heavens above.

Rev. Fr. Matthew Barzare, who blessed the water, assured everyone there was no pesticide residue in the tank around this time of the year.

Good to know we're not creating pesticide mutants in the image of God.
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