London may soon get a new wooden skyscraper

This could be the second tallest building in London


NSFW    LONDON — PLP Architecture and Cambridge University's Department of Architecture unveiled a proposal in 2016 to build London's first wooden skyscraper.

The building would be made out of timber and includes mid-rise terraces.

The 300-meter tall building is planned to be constructed in central London alongside the Barbican housing estate, according to the architecture firm's website.

The skyscraper could house up to 1,000 new residential homes in a 1 million square feet space. The wooden structure would also be made to meet fire regulations set in place for existing concrete and steel buildings.

If everything goes according to plan, the building would become the second tallest building in London after The Shard, Inhabitat reports.

Researchers explained in a University of Cambridge news release that wooden structures could potentially have multiple benefits such as wood being a renewable source, cost reduction and making the building more lightweight.
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