Little guy gets toilet seat stuck on his head

Don't worry, firefighters came to his rescue.


NSFW    BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM — A little man across the pond was doing what kids do when he accidentally got his head stuck in a toilet seat, according to LadBible.
Apparently, a watch manager from Avon Fire and Rescue came home to find his son's head stuck in the toilet seat.
The little guy somehow worked his way into the hole of a blue potty-training toilet seat, the kind made to fit on top of the toilet.
After failing to get himself out of the jam, the professionals had to be called in.
Guys from the Temple Fire Station shared snaps from the rescue over Twitter.
Before the firefighters could remove the toilet seat, they had to protect little dude's face with some safety goggles and a plastic lid.
The firefighters then had to go in with a spinning disc cutter to get Boss Baby's head out.

Luckily, Lil' Houdini made it out, no worse for wear.
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