Left or right, activists turned up in Berkeley looking for a fight

Some 21 people arrested last Saturday as political violence broke out on the streets of Berkeley, California for a third time in as many months.


NSFW    BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA — Political violence broke out on the streets of Berkeley last Saturday when hundreds of activists from the left and the right showed up just itching for a fight.

In the red corner, though definitely not commie red, were a ragtag alignment of Trump supporters, the alt-right and a bunch of Neo-National Socialists.

In the blue corner: leftists, anarchists and the antifa — extreme anti-fascists for whom violence is always the first resort.

The event was billed as a “free speech” demonstration by the conservative camp, according to the Los Angeles Times.

But choosing one of America’s most liberal cities, which had twice been the scene of clashes between the two sides in the past two months, meant this was only going to go one way. And by that we mean, a violent way.

It all kicked off at least two hours before the rally was scheduled to start and continued throughout the day.

Much of the controversy centered on the sight of a white supremacist punching a woman in the face.

Each side has its own version of what happened, so let’s lay out the facts.

The female demonstrator is a feminist activist called Emily Rose. Earlier, she called on leftist demonstrators to throw stuff to “protect themselves” and could be seen holding a vial of pepper spray.

Moments later, she was being punched in the face by white nationalist Nathan Damigo, a braindead racist who seriously thinks whites are an endangered species in America.

Neither Emily Rose nor Nathan Damigo were among the 21 people arrested on Saturday as cops seized weapons including sticks, knives and flagpoles.

With opinions polarized and extreme views becoming ever-more entrenched, sadly, we should probably expect to see more bloody clashes like this on America’s streets.

It could be a long, hot, summer folks.
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