LeBroning: Viral sensation hits floors and hallways worldwide


NSFW    What the Foul?

The NBA has the greatest ball players in the world. But with great ability also comes great flops. The NBA has seen a proliferation of bad acting in recent years with flops increasing exponentially. One of the most talented at this new fad is none other than King James of the Miami Heat. LeBron’s on court flops have led to a new viral fad that is quickly hitting surfaces across the country, Lebroning.

Last year, the flopping scene was dominated by Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin. But this year, it looks like there’s been a slight changing of the flopping guard. LeBron has been putting other players to shame with his over exaggerated flops and intentional dives. The NBA even put a flopping rule into place this season, but it’s rarely called.

LeBroning is a hilarious new viral sensation that is hitting floors and hallways across the country. To properly Lebron, all you have to do is intentionally walk into someone and lightly brush your shoulder against them. Then fall to the ground as hard as possible. Oh yeah, don’t forget to over exaggerate everything on your way down to the pavement. To successfully complete the move, you need to finish with an angry facial expression showing that it is in no way your fault you are on the ground. And that’s Lebroning 101 for beginners. Now we just need for one of these kids to LeBron on King James himself. Hopefully LeBroning will stick around longer than planking or Tebowing did.
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